Make Dream “Alive” by MOMO Vinyl Cutter

As DIY art lover and mom, I like doing some funny things by vinyl cutter. Today I want to share my experience after using MoMo cutting plotter (MM-C16).
When I turn on this vinyl cutter in the party, the kids was attractive by colorful light flashing of cutting plotter. The operation is so easy, I don’t need to change blade when I made the hat for independent dual-heads, and when I repeat cutting the material several times, I found the precision is less than 0.082mm.  Also this equipment with built-in CCD camera and touch screen, I can preview and calibrate craft work on touch screen, that is very helpful for high precision and mark point. The vinyl cutter always keep quiet with low noise during work. Anyway, it help me to do lots of work, I love it so much, and I will recommend it to my friends.
There are some photos of our art works share with you. Hope it can help you in the party.

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