The First Vinyl cutter with Camera in the world!

As designer and manufacturer of cutting plotter in China,MOMO Technology not only keeps strict quality control and promotes
larger markets on original products, but also never stops development and innovation under our hi-tech R&D team.
Recently, MOMO Technology releases World's first cutting plotter with built-in camera.We got the patent for this Automatically calibrate technology
(Paten number :201620006950.X) and Automatically contour cutting technolgy(Paten number: 201620006950.X).

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Contact: Juliet

Phone: +86-138-2438-2180

Tel: +86-755-3652-8967

Company: Shenzhen MOMO Technology Co.,Ltd.

Add: Block B,Quansen Industry Park,Yousong Rd,Longhua District,Shenzhen,China

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